Naive Bayes, Clearly Explained

NOTE: This StatQuest was supported by these awesome people who support StatQuest at the Double BAM level: D. Sharma, H-M Chang, J. Horn, S Cahyawijaya, S. Özdemir, F. Prado, and N. Fleming.

3 thoughts on “Naive Bayes, Clearly Explained

  1. Hello Josh. I want to thank you for the public service you have provided over the years providing high quality accessible education online. I do not have a statistics background so these have been terrific.
    I have been learning about the Bayesian theorem but have come across the terms simple, naive, Gaussian, and empirical Bayes as if these are different things having only a concept in common. Please could you provide a video defining each of these variants, the crucial distinctions, and the situations in which each applies, or if indeed some are the same thing. I appreciate it would not be possible to do all of the variants in one video so just a comparison of the distinguishing features would be most appreciated. If I have missed a common variant please include. Thank you

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