Hi! I’m Josh Starmer and welcome to StatQuest! StatQuest started out as an attempt to explain statistics to my co-workers – who are all genetics researchers at UNC-Chapel Hill. They did these amazing experiments, but they didn’t always know what to do with the data they generated. That was my job. But I wanted them to understand that what I do isn’t magic – it’s actually quite simple. It only seems hard because it’s all wrapped up in confusing terminology and typically communicated using equations. I found that if I stripped away the terminology and communicated the concepts using pictures, it became easy to understand.

Over time I made more and more StatQuests and now it’s my passion on YouTube.


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  1. hi,
    thanks for the great videos, I just discovered u! helpful and fun. BAM!!!

    I’m trying to look around here, and I feel a good index page of ALL posts (video + code for each) could be very helpful, or may be you have one and I just didn’t find it :)

    the “video index” page is missing a lot of stuff, that you can find only by scanning through the main home page. but the main home page is only organaize by date of posting, not by subject, and is very difficult to search.

    many videos that appear in main home page I can’t see in the video index page,
    and it is also difficult to fine the code sections of many of the videos

    your site is a Treasure Box! a good index page of ALL posts (video + code for each) would help us really make good use of it! (and if I just missed it and it exists… I sorry :) please guide me how to…

    thanks a lot!

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  2. Just let you know you’ve taken online learning to the next level. I understand all the methods better than I did. I think now I can explain them to my grandmother just like Albert Einstein’s quote “You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother.”

    Many thanks Josh


    • Thank you so much!!! I’m very happy to hear that my videos are so helpful. I have a lot of fun making them, but you telling me how much they have helped you learn about statistics – that makes it more than just fun. It’s meaningful.


  3. Your videos are really easy to understand . I usually start watching one when I eat lunch . You can understand how easy it is and how entertaining it is . It’s a lot of work making such video and great thanks to your efforts .


  4. Time for another big thank you and praise for your wonderful wit and teaching. I just went through the edgeR and DESeq videos and for dessert the t-SNE…great for the day after Thanksgiving…the series is terrific…


  5. Hi,

    Thank you for your videos, ability to explain material so clearly is a gift.

    I would add two companion videos (or pdf? mathjax in html page?) for each topic with

    a) math with derivations at undergraduate level (Lebesgue measure would probably be too deep, on the other hand, you can explain things really well, couple of videos about Lebesgue with lots of examples could be an interesting challenges and I believe, there will be a lot of people how would be grateful?)
    b) workout of the topic in python numpy/scipy or R

    I noticed that you do have some R and some math in the videos, but this is a bit too casual. Those additions would make your website self contained, that would be useful for autodidacts. But I do understand, that this would be a huge work and keep you probably busy for next couple of years, so may be it is too much to ask.
    Just an idea to consider

    once more, thank you very much, your videos are really good


    • Thanks so much for all of the ideas! I plan on doing StatQuest for as long as I can make videos – so, who knows? Maybe one day I’ll get around to this. I like the idea of people being able to go as deep as they want to go to learn about statistics and machine learning.


  6. Hi Josh, watched your youtube video on Benjamin Hochberg method and it’s pretty damn amazing (bam!) because it helped me to finally understand the algorithm. I really can’t wait to watch ALLLLL the remaining videos during my upcoming holidays. Keep rocking and keep doing what you’re doing, you make stats really sexy ;)


  7. I Was creating a capstone project for the final term. Your videos helped a lot. Your teaching method is really amazing. Thanks a lot.. From an Indian living in Canada.. BAM!!!


  8. Hello Josh,

    You are doing a great job BAM..
    The videos are very useful to understand the concept. The great thing about you is that you are sharing your knowledge without any cost i like that. If you need any help on creating the videos i can help you and contribute.


  9. Hey Josh!

    I would like to thank you in person for your Machine Learning videos. (BAM)
    Thanks to you, I got AA from Machine Learning course. (TRIPLE BAM)
    If I get a job, I promise I’ll buy your songs.


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