CatBoost Part 2: Building and Using Trees

NOTE: This StatQuest was supported by these awesome people who support StatQuest at the Double BAM level: S. Kundapurkar, JWC, BufferUnderrun, S. Jeffcoat, S. Handschuh, J. Le, D. Greene, D. Schioberg, Magpie, Z. Rosenberg, J. N., H-M Chang, 28ssjj, F. Pedemonte, S. Song US, A. Tolkachev, L. Cisterna, J. Alexander

2 thoughts on “CatBoost Part 2: Building and Using Trees

  1. Hi I’m Mirae from Korea.
    I really like the way you teach ML and deep learning.
    You are a person who has a positive influence on the world. I really appreciate your effort.
    (Your music is also sooooo great 🙂 you are an all-rounded person!
    By the way, it is minor but you need to check 2:05~ again in this video. I think you should put 0 to red color when you put number into Bin # column.
    Have a great day!

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