6 thoughts on “A Gentle Introduction to Machine Learning

  1. Josh – your videos are like fresh air. Having taken statistics almost two decades back in college, it is incredible to view how well you have explained concepts – from basics to advanced stuff (especially enjoyed the machine learning playlist). I have one request (and I know you have a ton of requests from folks all over the world). There is no good online lesson for Neural Networks (and their variations such as CNN). Can you create one or a couple of videos on the subject? There are plenty of lessons online but nothing comes close to your clarity and explanation power. You and UNC chapel hill are doing an amazing public service – like Khan academy is doing for kids. I intend to support your channel in various ways.

  2. Your videos are really helpful to understand the concept clearly. They are indeed clearly explained! I’m also very looking forward to neural networks!

  3. This channel is as good as it can get for explaining statistical concepts, keep it up! Following on from the comments above, I would also be very excited to see a StatQuest on Neural Networks, as always covering the Mathematics behind the technique, which is the real way to understand how they work.
    Great channel!

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