What folks are saying about StatQuest


“This is so well explained that even I could understand it, and I’m a humanities student.”

“Joshua you are a hero! Truly a man of the people. Bless you kind sir.”

“Double Bam!!”

“First i was wondering why no one has mentioned the weird song at the beginning. But then I listened to the actual video and figured why…it was amazing…by far the best tutorial on this subject.”

“This literally is the best explanation of PCA analysis I’ve ever seen … thank you so much”

“Triple bam!”

“This is the best video I’ve ever seen to explain Random Forrest! Thanks so much for making this!! Please keep making videos! Love the humor also :)”

“Your videos are so easy to understand, and also explain the intuition. I really love the way you start the video, unlike other boring lectures.”


“This was the best explanation on youtube. I wish I found this before. You’re awesome!”

“Thanks again Josh. Today my prof taught [the Central Limit Theorem] in the class and as usual am here to understand what his words actually mean !! :)”

“Mind-blowing explanation!”

“Nice video, good explanation. I’d give it a BAM!”

“The Best of the BEST, I love your videos”

“Even French people rely on [StatQuest]!”

“What is BAM??”