This page contains links to Playlists that cover everything you would want or need to know about a variety of statistics and machine learning topics.

  • Statistics Fundamentals – These videos give you a general overview of statistics as well as a be a reference for statistical concepts. Topics include:
    • Histograms
    • What is a statistical distribution?
    • And many more!!!
  • Linear Regression and Linear Models – These videos teach the basics relating to one of statistics most powerful tools.  Linear Regression and Linear Models allow us to use continuous values, like weight or height, and categorical values, like favorite color or favorite movie, to predict a continuous value, like age.
  • Logistic Regression – These videos pick up where Linear Regression and Linear Models leave off. Now, instead of predicting something continuous, like age, we can predict something discrete, like whether or not someone will enjoy the movie Troll 2.
  • Machine Learning – Linear Models and Logistic Regression are just the tips of the machine learning iceberg. There’s tons more to learn, and this play list will help you trough it all, one step at a time.
  • High Throughput Sequence Analysis – If you do high-throughput sequence analysis, this playlist is for you!
  • Statistics in R – If you want to do any of this stuff in R, this playlist is for you, and you only. No one else is allowed to watch it.